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The NXE 400 is 6X the speed and 2.5X the volume of all other comparable SLA 3D printers.

Gain 20X Productivity With the Fastest Large-Format 3D Printer in the Industry


With an unprecedented 16L build volume measuring 10.8 in x 6.3 in x 15.7 in (27.5 cm x 16 cm x 40 cm), intelligent optimization, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is the perfect printer for any application.

50 Venturi Tubes 3D Printed

2.5x Larger Build Volume

The NXE 400 features more than double the build volume compared to currently available technologies, allowing for much larger parts, higher part throughput, and ultimately lower part cost, all with the higher-resolution pixels (75 µm) and isotropic prints.

Medical Swabs 3D Printed

Manufacturing Ready + Modular Design

In addition to our highly reliable LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is crafted to be completely modular in design for easily interchangeable parts and technology upgrades eliminating hardware obsolescence.

Next-Gen Software for 3D Printing

Next-Gen Software + Predictive Service

Nexa3D’s internally developed intelligent software connects our hardware and materials together into a powerful, user friendly system while providing a new era of predictive and prescriptive service. It’s as simple as pressing CRTL+P.