Learn about our 0% financing for 36 months for the NXE400!

Own the world's fastest industrial 3D printer without significant upfront costs. 

Don't let the costs of owning system equipment, purchasing materials, and financing challenges be your barrier to additive manufacturing transformation. We are introducing an easier way for you to take full advantage of owning the NXE400 by spreading out the cost of the equipment over 36 months at 0% interest! 

Why should you act now?
We are making it easier than ever to bring 3D printing in-house at the lowest cost, and immediately achieve 20X productivity by the time you hit “print”. 

  • Time Savings - Reduce lead times from days to minutes with better part quality and bigger yield
  • Better Results - Create more iterations, fail faster, produce better end products
  • Immediate ROI - We’re removing start-up cost barriers so you can get started quickly
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Benefits to Financing

  • Improve Cash Flow - Reserve working capital for other strategic purposes.
  • Low Monthly Payments - Pay fixed monthly payments at 0% interest.
  • Everything Included - Our all-inclusive package includes the equipment, materials, warranty, and shipping.
  • Get Started Quickly - Apply in minutes and receive approval within 24 hours.
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